Michael Australia


My name is Michael, I live in Perth Western Australia. This site is all about my 1950 Buick.

MY 56R is Cascade blue with an Olympic blue top. The car is in original garb including the paint and upholstery. I can see that it has had very few changes made to it. There are things like a reproduction tissue dispenser, and a replaced carpet, but otherwise it looks original. The original tyres came along with the car as well. They had been replaced by the last owner who kept the tyres with the car because they were so good looking, and by keeping the tyers the car was complete and original. At the time the car had traveled 16,000 Miles.

I am owner number six. I have spoken to all of the owners with the exception of the original owner who had died. One fellow had the car for 28 years and he told me he did not like to drive it too much because it was so prett.